Securely verify and share your work credentials

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VELA Solutions is a digital credentialing platform that enables you to receive, store and share your verified credentials via a digital wallet.

We give you control over your work information, making your recruitment, onboarding and professional development faster, easier and more secure.

How it Works

For credential receivers i.e. an employee

  1. Connect with the credential issuer, such as a university or Employer
  2. Request your verified credentials
  3. Accept the credential into your wallet
  4. Selectively share access with your connections

For credential Issuers i.e. training provider

  1. Get verified as an authorized credential issuer
  2. Connect with the credential receiver
  3. Send verified credentials

If you want to get technical, then you can read all about it in a whitepaper written by our partner and one of the industry’s trusted thought leaders – Meeco.

What are the Benefits?


  • Credentials can’t be forged or altered
  • Set your own privacy and permissions
  • Your information is kept safe and secure using encryption technology


  • Linked to credential issuers
  • Connect with your employer
  • Integrate with enterprise applications


  • Access your verified information anywhere and anytime
  • Save time reverifying already proven credentials
  • Simplified access to and sharing of information


  • A network of credential providers who can issue and verify credentials
  • Authenticated relationship between the issuer, the recipient and the credential

Where can VELA be used?

Mining and Construction

Integrated with site access controls, the VELA Digital Wallet allows employee and contractor credentials to be verified in seconds and re-verified every time they enter site.
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This ensures that each person is appropriately credentialed to do their job, improving site safety and compliance.


Ensure all clinicians are qualified, registered and credentialed to deliver their scope of clinical practice, improving patient safety and reducing risk.
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The Digital Credential Wallet also provides portability of your credentials, making it easier to verify compliance when working in multiple locations, and recognise completed internally and externally delivered education, reducing the need to duplicate the completion of compliance content


The VELA Digital Wallet allows employees and contractors to capture, track and maintain their ongoing professional development. Ensuring compliance with professional registration requirements.

Education Providers

Authorised education providers includes universities, registered training organisations (RTOs) and other professional development providers.
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Being part of the credentialling ecosystem enables providers to issue students with certifications as a verified digital record. This reduces the risk of fraudulent credentials being issued and decreases the administrative burden of re-verifying student and alumni credentials.

Registering and Governing Bodies

The VELA Digital Credential platform allows industry bodies to issue, modify and revoke registrations.
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This improves compliance and simplifies organisational governance processes.


The VELA Digital Credential platform allows you to verify candidate experience, skills and qualifications, reducing time and cost to recruit and onboard new employees and contractors.