About Us

For us, it’s personal

Your identity is fundamental to participating in a modern society. With an identity theft occurring every 2 seconds and a fraud cost of over $2 Billion per year, control and ownership of your data is critical.

Theft is not the only identity challenge faced within society. Over 1 billion people globally do not have an official or provable identity due to war, homelessness and poverty. This creates barriers to access basic services, get a job, open a bank account and access education.

Our goal is to give everyone control of their identity and personal information. This reduces fraud, creates greater life opportunities and helps the vulnerable.

Guiding Principles

Our ecosystem of participants and providers have a common passion. Making a positive difference to the lives of our customers and community. Our principles guide our daily decision making to help us give you back control of your personal and professional information.

People first

We aim to provide solutions with a purpose to make a positive difference in people’s lives.


We work openly with others to create better outcomes for our customers and community.

Focus on value

We are always looking for ways to deliver value to our customers.

Passion with a purpose

We are driven to make a meaningful difference.


With over 20 years experience delivering workforce and technology transformations, the VELA Solutions team are passionate about leading transformational change with a purpose.

  • Michael Derwin


    Having lead major projects in industries like Health, Education, Finance and Government, Michael has first hand experience in the challenges and opportunities associated with identity management.

    With his experience as an executive leader and start-up entrepreneur, Michael has established a reputation for simplifying the complex and a no-nonsense bias to delivery.

  • Andrew Scott


    Andrew is a passionate change leader who throughout his career, has lead workforce transformations in complex environments and for some of the worlds largest companies.

    His diverse experience with technology and behavioural change, positions him uniquely to lead the technology enabled social transformation that VELA Solutions is working towards.